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Who is BlueFox?

We are a group of people with a passion for creative marketing. We like to think of ourselves as not just a marketing team but business building consultants. Our goal is not be a faceless resource passing leads to our clients but an integral part of their business team. We know when our clients succeed, we succeed, so we will always go the extra mile to make sure satisfaction is achieved.

Our Team

Jonathan Stonham Blue Fox Co Founder

Jonathan Stonham


Kyle McCue


Nicholas Baken About Photo 2

Nicholas Baken


Kelli Locatelli Blue Fox Social Media Manager

Kelli Locatelli

Social Media Manager

Robert Trombatore Blue Fox Project Manager

Robert Trombatore

Project Manager

Ryan Thompson Blue Fox Multimedia Producer

Ryan Thompson

Multimedia Producer

Andres Quirama Blue Fox Lead Designer

Andres Quirama

Lead Designer

Brendan Williams

Advertising Specialist

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