Just as you wouldn’t mail a flyer nationally to advertise your local business, you shouldn’t use a national SEO strategy to market your business locally. Recently, Google has made changes to provide better search results for people looking for local businesses. This is great news for you. Blue Fox knows how to target local search engine ranking factors to drive your local business higher in the search results.
Getting your product or service ranked nationally on search engines can be tough. You’re likely up against some pretty stiff competition. Simply throwing up a website and crossing your fingers just won’t cut it. Let us do the heavy lifting. Blue Fox knows the ins and outs of working with the dizzying number of ranking factors needed to convince those pesky search engines that your business deserves higher ranking than your competition.
Managing franchise SEO takes a unique set of skills. It requires effective local SEO to handle individual franchise locations, multi-location SEO to tackle building each franchise location relative to others, and national SEO to establish an effective corporate brand and reach for the franchisor. Each interdependent piece has to be carefully coordinated so they work effectively. Blue Fox has managed many franchise SEO campaigns and has the experience to make yours a success.
Local SEO, on its own, can be an incredibly complex endeavor, requiring attention to many different factors including on-site and off-site factors. Multi-location adds in a layer of complexity that, if handled incorrectly, can damage your overall ranking. Blue Fox is very skilled and experienced at creating successful local SEO campaigns involving multi-location variables.




Your customers want to find quality information on the internet that helps them solve a problem. They do not want to read an advertisement. This is at the heart of the benefits of a quality content marketing strategy, building relationships with those who read your content in order to establish trust. If your readers trust you and view you as an authority, they will be more likely to respect your opinion and purchase from you.

Eighty-five percent of businesses today are using content marketing, but effective content marketing is very rare. That’s because creating effective content and getting it to those who want to read it is easier said than done. Blue fox Media is very experienced in creating quality content marketing strategies that will build trust and lasting relationships with your customers, build awareness and recognition of your brand, and generate traffic to your site and improve your lead generation.

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Email marketing sounds so 2003, but in the right hands it can be a powerful tool to keep customers engaged with your products and services and generate new sales. We have many years of experience building targeted email marketing lists, writing compelling content that keep your customers interest, as well as eye catching subject lines that lower the chances of having your emails end up in the recycle bin.

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Sales Funnel

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world was filled with eager customers ready to throw money at you for your products and services? Unfortunately, sales are never that simple. Customers are significantly more complex, going through several stages on the road to a purchase.

At this stage, the customer recognizes a problem they need to solve and becomes aware of your product or service as a possible solution.
Sometimes called the research stage, at this point, the customer gathers information about their available options. They also weigh your product or service against your competitors.
Often thought of as the trickiest stage in the sales funnel, the customer, in this stage, has completed their research and now weighs the pros and cons of their options on the way to a purchase.
A stage that is often overlooked by inexperienced marketers, the retention stage is time where you maintain engagement with customers, greatly increasing the likelihood of future purchases or keeping memberships.

Each of these stages is an opportunity to strengthen customer’s commitment to purchasing from you. Maximizing your opportunities is the art of the sales funnel. This is where Blue Fox shines. Let us show you how improving your sales funnels can increase the chances of turning prospects into clients.

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Features of

Monthly Reporting

Each month you will receive a comprehensive report of your marketing campaigns at their different levels of development and activity. You will be made aware of how well they are performing and where improvements can be made.

Web Presence Auditing

We analyze your website, content, keywords, and any other branded materials that currently exist on the site. We also determine how your brand is perceived in your industry and provide you with our recommendations of actions that can be taken to improve your internet presence.

Web Presence Optimzation

We establish goals of what we hope to achieve when optimizing your web presence. Depending on what is needed we may recommend a comprehensive content marketing strategy to build valuable industry specific content on your website, or reshape your existing content to better suit the needs of the visitors to your site.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking is extremely important when you receive leads and conversions through your marketing channels. Without it, you have next to no actionable information on how to improve your marketing efforts or determine where to focus your marketing dollars. We understand this and have implemented powerful tools in tracking every step of your customers journey from first touch to final sale.

The personal touch

We are a very hands-on marketing company. We have gone to great lengths to maintain open communications with our clients during every step of the services we provide. We want our clients to feel comfortable and understand everything that is happening in every process so they can get the most out of the experience.

Dashboard access

When you work with us, you receive access to our unified marketing dashboard. This allows you to see all your marketing data and campaigns from one location, helping avoid time wasted jumping between different ad platforms. Freeing you to focus on making decisions that will make your campaigns better.

Enterprise Level Solutions

We created our services to cover all the web development and marketing needs of companies with larger requirements. We know it can be difficult coordinating multiple companies, handling the multitude of marketing and web development services your company needs. Why go through that hassle? We can handle almost anything you send our way.

Audience Analysis

The more you understand your ideal customers, the better you can target them. The better you can target them; the more value you get from every marketing dollar you spend. It is that simple. We are experts at persona building and market insights. We pull from a multitude of data pools and resources to create a representation of your ideal customer.




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